This all started for me with a concern over questionable teaching I experienced first hand creeping into the church.  What made this concerning was not that it touched on traditional hot-button theological issues such as – Calvinism, predestination, availability of the gifts of the Spirit, prophecy…..etc.  Instead, a brand of teaching was seeping into the church through Sunday School classes, small groups,…etc., that presented a message which was opposed to much of the teachings and practices that many of us would consider historic and orthodox.  The teachings were promoting ideas that questioned truth and our ability to know truth, questioned the role of a pastor, pushed aside discipleship and instead focused more on social issues, downplayed (if not apologized) the church’s position on social issues such as abortion and homosexuality, watered down the authority of the Bible, introduced Roman Catholic monasticism and Eastern Mysticism into Christian practices…..etc.

What made this more sinister is that these ideas were not coming through the front door of the church but rather through the back door.  It was a very subtle influence promoted by popular Christian authors and teachers that heavily influenced young Christians as well as the “Christian bookstore” Christian who purchased books from these questionable teachers and authors.

Several passages in 1 & 2 Timothy quickly came to mind as this movement became more and more popular.


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