(403) EMERGING TRENDS IN THE CHURCH TODAY: Mainstreaming “Spiritual Living”

It is becoming more and more difficult to deny that our culture is being enveloped by principles found in Eastern religions as well as non-Christian beliefs.  Today, it is certainly not unusual to hear words such as KARMA, YOGA, MEDITATION……etc.  It affects many areas of life today, including areas of health, medicine, food, stress reduction…..etc.

Unfortunately, even in the Evangelical community as well as most of American Christianity today, we see this same effect.  Many Christians refuse to see this influence in church life, seminary teachings, popular books, teachings on the radio…..etc.

In case you are not seeing it yet, here is Newsweek’s recent special edition on the topic of “SPIRITUAL LIVING” where they are just too happy to share with their readers views from every religious philosophy they can.


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