I continue to be amazed that the Evangelical Church has so quickly given up on discernment and using the Bible to guide our practices as Christians. The Emerging Church movement has been a key part of that trend – both in the books that you read from the Christian bookstore and the teachings being propagated in your church. 

In your church, how can that be? – “I go to an Evangelical Church, a Bible-believing church,…..etc.”?  Is “given up” too strong of a description?

Well, we are not talking about engaging in practices that originate from Scripture.  Today, we have moved much further from biblical discernment to actually using practices from other religions, other historical philosophies, and other non-biblically based teaching. Then, we use new terms to describe these practices that make them sound noble, rich, DEEP, biblical…..etc., but they all share some common characteristics.  

These teachings and practices have more in common with these other philosophies & religions than they do with the Bible.  In other words, historically and practically, these teachings are used today in the church but they don’t have a foundation originating from the Bible.  It is very deceptive because warnings are usually not given as to how these teachings developed.  Instead, the language being used sounds very vogue, very religious sounding, very trendy……because, today, they are.  These are the topics that bestselling books are about.  These are the “new” things that many people are embracing to “DEEPEN” their spiritual walk.  These are the topics attracting people to seminaries – schools know this and they are falling over each other in providing new curriculums on these subjects.

What are these practices?  Well, this video will briefly introduce you to some of the most commonly used terms describing these new practices.  Don’t be fooled and don’t assume that the meanings being promoted originate from scripture.  One example is the word – “meditation”.  The Bible uses this word – so it must be ok?  Well, what the Bible describes in meaning, is quite different than what is being taught today in practice.  Biblical meditation is focused on actively thinking about God’s word.  Unfortunately, some of the meditation being promoted today align themselves much more closely to Eastern Mysticism and other worldly philosophies. 

Surely, your Pastors and church leaders wouldn’t let this into your church?  Again, these practices have caught on and their popularity makes them difficult to question or even notice. Leaders are being trained by seminaries and Bible colleges in these practices. It is truly a popular trend that the Evangelical Church is experiencing today.  These topics sound spiritual, sound religious, and they appear to both intellectuals and to more basic minded Christians because of their ease of use and their long history that goes back to the ancient church mystics.  This video gives you just a taste of a few of these issues –







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