Hillsong Church ‘Silent Night’ Performance

Take a look at this recent video from Hillsong Church performing “Silent Night”.  Do you think it was ok to do or was it blasphemous or just poor taste?

Some call it blasphemous and part of a trend leading to apostasy.

When drawing conclusions, think about relevant passages from the Bible which may give us direction on how to react to this video.  Also, consider the audience – those at the performance as well as those who view it on youtube.

Without drawing too many conclusions, my initial reaction is that I am very uncomfortable in viewing this – it doesn’t sit well with me on so many levels.  To balance this perspective out, I tend to be a bit slow to criticize worship and Christian music in general because no matter how fundamental you are in your theological interpretation, there is a level of subjectivity in all music that lends itself to different interpretations by different people.

That said, there seems to be an increasing frequency of criticism towards Hillsong Church for producing videos/music that some would consider as being inappropriate from a biblical perspective.

I am not ready to call Hillsong blasphemous – I just don’t know enough about their theology and their previous compositions.  But, from what I see and hear, I find it very disturbing that they performed this classic piece in a very secular and some may say offensive way.

What are your thoughts after watching this video on “Silent Night”?  How should Christians react to this?

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