This brief video highlights some of the issues and terms used by many of those who promote a DEEPER way of getting closer (united) with God.  These terms describe practices that are catching on with many Evangelical churches.  Their is a focus more on ancient church traditions (e.g. ancient Roman Catholic mysticism and monasticism) as well as an inclusion of practices from Eastern Mysticism.

Sounds strange for an Evangelical Church to be involved in these practices?  I hope so.  But take a look at this video and see if you have heard of some of these terms spoken in your church or if you read about some of these terms in popular Christian magazine articles and best selling books.

This video only hits on some of the most commonly used practices and is meant only to introduce you at a high level to these terms.  Future video postings will go into more depth and provide greater details on these trends within the church.

Obviously, some Christians today use these terms, not in their original sense, but rather they (unknowingly) apply the terms to biblical concepts such as discipleship and sanctification. Therefore, some may be engaging in practices that are biblical.  But they are still utilizing words that represents these ancient mystical practices that are seeing a rebirth today within  Christianity.  It is dangerous to call biblical concepts by these non-biblical practices and think that everybody will be just fine.  In book stores today, you will see more books promoting these questionable and aberrant practices than you will see books that warn against them.  An undiscerning person could easily wander into these various Eastern practices without realizing it because the jargon sounds familiar to what they hear at church or from a Christian author….etc.


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