Ravi Zacharias on Eastern Thought Invading the Church

Like most other denominations today, the steady increased influence of “Emerging Church” and Eastern Mystical practices has affected my church, the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church (C&MA).  What is interesting is that one of our most well known participant is the apologist Ravi Zacharias who has written several books related to apologetics as well as writing some material dealing with Eastern religions.  He was born in India and in many ways he may be an important person to be speaking about Eastern beliefs and practices.  At times, like most Christians today, he has made references to early church mystics and other favorites of Emerging Church authors, but it is refreshing to hear his comments now as he shares his concern for the church today –

Ravi Zacharias as he addresses the EASTERN thought that has been invading the Church.

“Who would have thought that at this time in western history you’d be listening to terms such as karma, mantra, and chakra? These eastern esoteric-sounding words have become common fare, and individuals such as Deepak Chopra have become self-proclaimed authorities on spirituality leaving many unanswered questions.

But even more troubling, how many of our CHURCHES have sounded forth ideas that are not based in spiritual reality? Join Ravi Zacharias as he explains how the West must be on guard against the infiltration of eastern thought which threatens to redefine language and morality and undermine truth, meaning, and certainty.”

Let My People Think: The East & The West, Part 1

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